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16 Must-Reads For The Inbound Affiliate

Everyday there are new people jumping on the inbound marketing bandwagon.  People are starting blogs for their businesses, engaging on social media and experimenting with video to try to adapt quickly to the shift in consumer behavior.

At Blue Global Media, we want to make sure affiliate marketers catch on to this evolution as well.  We are in the final stages of developing a FREE eBook on how affiliates can seamlessly make the switch to inbound and secure your income for the future.

While creating this eBook, we have spent many hours researching and reading the latest news and trends on the shift in marketing and it has helped us hone in on exactly what affiliate marketers need to do.  A couple weeks ago we shared some links that have helped us and we’ve decided to make a habit of it.

Here are links from this week that can help your inbound strategy and make you a master in the affiliate marketing space:Jump on the inbound marketing bandwagon

Content Marketing

Content marketing is booming, but social media doesn’t lead just yet

This is a quick write up with a simple infographic to get you thinking about the importance of content and the social media trend nipping and its ankles.

4 Ways to Overcome Content Marketing Challenges

Allowing a moment of self-promotion, this article is one we wrote this week about overcoming some content hurdles.

Five steps for using Google+ and content marketing to boost search and social visibility

As a segue to the next section, this article tackles the need for content marketing as it relates to the shift occurring in social media because of Google+.

Social Media

Marketers miss the point of engagement

Often people relent to the idea that social media is a must, but miss the mark when it comes to implementing an engaging strategy.  Here, you can see where things go wrong and how they should be fixed.

Affiliate Marketers Need To Get On The Google+ Train

Okay, so we’re going to self-promote twice.  In this post we cover the need to involve yourself (and your affiliate efforts) with Google+.  We know a lot of people are still gritting their teeth over this, but you don’t want to miss what could be a huge shift in social, content and especially SEO marketing.


Is “Link Bait” the Holy Grail of Natural Link Building?

This simply covers what link bait is, what it can do and a few examples of how you can make it happen.  Everyone should take a stab at developing viral content (or link bait) to see if they can muster up some link boosts.

How Affiliate Sites Can Best Exploit SEO

When I hear exploit I think of something scandalous like Toddlers & Tiaras, but this is actually a great, inbound-focused guide on how affiliates can best utilize SEO.


The Great Super Bowl Mobile Marketing Experiment

We all know mobile marketing is growing, but here you can see a breakdown of how the big name brands incorporated mobile into the biggest ad day of the year.

Mobile Marketing is Hot, But for Facebook it’s Not

On the opposite side of the coin, here is a sum up of how one of the world’s biggest companies is flailing within the mobile space.


8 Tips For Making a Stellar First Video

This is a lengthy read, but offers a fantastic step by step guide on creating a quality video.  If you are new to video and need a suggestion about where to begin this is perfect.

How to Add Hyperlink To YouTube video

I just watched this yesterday and used LinkedTube for a video I created.  It is so easy and provides a good opportunity to add a specific call to action within your video.  Think about what affiliate links you could incorporate into your next video.

Affiliate Marketing

The State of Affiliate Marketing in 2012

Though this article has a slightly ominous tone, it does hit on some key issues affiliates need to prepare for this year.

About.com Affiliate Scam

This is a good “what-not-to-do” video about how outbound, bad-seed affiliates are using About.com to coax consumers into shelling out big money for diet products.

Pinterest secretly swaps links for profit

Though it seems Pinterest’s decision to swap links for affiliate links is anything but a secret now, it’s worth looking into this decision and the ethical and legal implications behind it.

10 Ways Paid Marketers Can Leverage Inbound Marketing

Need I say more? This is a really straight forward article about the inbound shift.

Horizontal marketing isn’t a new idea

In our upcoming eBook, we mention how inbound marketing isn’t new and site Seth Godin’s early mention of the trend.  It just seemed apropos that Seth Godin would write about it this week.

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