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21 Must-Reads for The Inbound Affiliate Marketer

There is an obvious shift occurring in the marketing industry. Traditional methods are getting the snub and inbound marketing (a term we “borrowed” from Hubspot’s Brian Halligan and hoped he wouldn’t mind) is skyrocketing. For those working in this business every day the shift seems natural, if not inevitable.

Knowing how to tackle today’s educated and inundated consumer is tricky though. We know we shouldn’t spam their inbox or call during dinner hours or push blinking full screen adds on them, but what should we do?

In particular, as affiliate marketers, how do we create an inbound experience for customers while adequately promoting someone else’s product?

That’s the question we, at Blue Global Media, asked ourselves.

eBook Coming Soon

We have been working out the answer(s) in the form of an eBook over the past month. From research, and our own perspective, we discovered five major categories an affiliate marketer has to focus on in order to be a successful inbound marketer:

  • Content
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Video
  • Mobile

They may seem sort of obvious, but each topic has intricate elements to dissect. Needlessly to say, we have been doing a lot of research trying to do just that. Hours of reading have led us to really great finds and we want to share some of those with you in a weekly post.

We have also included links to articles about the industry that we found poignant or helpful.

So here they are: Must-Reads For The Inbound Affiliate Marketer

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Guide: 15 Tips From the Experts

These are 15 easy to read and easy to apply tactics that can help you generate quality, valuable content for your readers.
5 Content Marketing Ideas Worth Stealing

We all know plagiarism and outright copy and pasting is wrong, but doing a little idea skimming and repurposing is acceptable and often encouraged. These are just a few ideas worthy of snatching up.
4 Pillars of Content Marketing

These content marketing foundations will get you pointed in the right direcetion. Plus, sucker that I am for alliteration, it is also enjoyable that all pillars start with “C” – easy to remember, fun to repeat.
Un-dull Your Blog Posts: Four Fiction Techniques to Try

Put a little pizzazz back into your posts. If you’ve been writing for one blog or on one subject for a long time you can sometimes use a little creative injection.
Six Practical Tips for Better Blog Content

Sometimes you just need someone to give it to you straight and that’s when you visit John Chow’s site. He didn’t fluff this article up, he just looks his readers in the eyes and delivers some solid instruction.

Social Media

Timing Your Social Media Marketing

We BGMers are suckers for a solid infographic and we believe this to be a good one. Whether you’re in B2B or B2C here’s a breakdown of when to post.
Facebook Timeline and What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook Timeline is here whether anyone likes it or not. The average user may find it bothersome, but a clever marketer can definitely wield this.
The Glee Guide to Attracting a Raving Horde of Social Media Fans

Whether you’re a “GleeK” or not, these are some killer tips about using your underdog status to make a big splash in the social media scene.
Reddit On The Rise While The Decline Of Digg Continues

Make sure you’re using the right bookmarking site. Don’t get buried under the collapse of Digg.
Your Social Media and SEO Game Plan for 2012

All marketing strategies meld together in some way, here is a great tutorial on how to blend SEO and social and a three-month plan to get you started.


SEO Monitoring Tools and Tips

It may take a little time to digest, but these are four fantastic tips about monitoring your SEO efforts.

Finding Killer SEO Keywords for Content Marketing: Part 1

If you need a kick starter or even just a refresher, this is a good way to get familiar with keywords. We all know we’re supposed to love and care for keywords, but it isn’t always easy.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Ranking in Bing

Though Google may seem like the end all be all of search engine needs, there are people who use sites like Bing or Yahoo! for searching. Lots of people in fact. Take a break from the Google Kool-Aid with this article.

Best SEO Tips For 2012

SEO isn’t going away, but it is changing, especially in terms of mobile searching. Make sure you are optimized for phones and computers.

Google Changes Definition Of Average Search Ranking Position

Okay, back to Google. After all, it is responsible for the #1 and 2 most used search engines so you need to know what they are doing (changing).


5 Flaws in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s just as important to learn how to approach mobile marketing correctly as it is to know when you’re doing something wrong. Are you treating your mobile consumers as stationary targets?

The Mobile Marketing Value Exchange

Like with any form of marketing, if you’re not providing some level of value the likelihood of hooking a consumer is slim to nil. Make sure you’re mobile strategy includes just as much quality as any of your other marketing endeabors.


Video Marketing – Yes or No? – Ask Evan

Seemed silly not to add a video on video marketing. This video is a quick description about the benefits of video marketing. Pretty straight forward, but good for anyone on the fence.

YouTube Killed the TV Star: Why Online Video Marketing is Essential for Marketers in 2012

I don’t know that it killed the TV start, but YouTube has certainly turned a lot of average Joe’s into stars. Being a video star can mean marketing gold if done properly, so why not take the time to explore it?

Affiliate Marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing a Useful Tool?

This isn’t meant to scare anyone. Of course we think it’s a useful tool! We think it is the most useful “tool” in marketing, but it is interesting to sometimes gain perspective on what other people thing.

Affiliate Summit West 2012 Keynote Videos, A New Kindle Book You Need, And Affiliates On @Pinterest

This is just a really great collection of information for affiliates. I recommend taking the time to watch the keynotes especially if you didn’t get to attend.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming eBook which will cover and combine all of these elements to help you move forward with an inbound affiliate marketing strategy.

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