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21 Treats For The Inbound Affiliate

As with the last couple of weeks, we have once again come across a collection of great content that can help you become a more inbound affiliate marketer.  Some offer tools, others offer advice and then there’s one post that gives you 100 links to other blogs that can give you thousands of more tips.

That, my friends, is better than heart-shaped Valentine’s Day chocolates.

The release of our first eBook is fast approaching and we’re getting all geared up.  Though the majority of our eBook is written, we’re are in the crazy phase that is the “Launch Plan” and are finding that this process requires as much research as the book itself.  We have continued to seek out the best articles in content marketing, social media, SEO, mobile, video and affiliate marketing. Now we want to share this week’s finds with you.   

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Content MarketingLike Chocolate for Affiliates

It’s Here: The 100 Blogs You Need In Your Life

This is a really great list of bloggers that every affiliate marketer should get familiar with.  You will likely see some names you recognize on there, but there will also be a ton you have never heard of before.  Tom Ewer carefully developed a list of resources that can help you in all of your marketing endeavors.

17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates

Even the best writers get stuck.  Every blogger will experience those moments where you stare at your blank Word document praying a magical content fairy will come fill your page.  These copy-and-paste templates can help you snap out of that rut and get back to writing.

What Is The Best Day and Time to Publish and Promote Your Blog Posts?

You can have phenomenal content and a huge social following, but if you aren’t promoting your posts at the right time, no one will ever see it.  Make a posting and promoting plan by following this specific information.

Better Content Marketing for Improved Social Engagement

As with all of the inbound marketing elements, content and social media are interwoven.  Having good content doesn’t matter if your social engagement stinks.  The same is true the other way around.

Planning Your Content Marketing: Bricks vs. Feathers

According to this article, content can be broken up into two main categories: bricks and feathers.  Striking the perfect balance between them can be a recipe for success.

Social Media

The Power of Social Proof and How it Affects Your Business

Business can often be a lot like high school.  Popularity can give you a major leg-up, so make sure you have the proof that people are paying attention to you.

5 Ways Facebook Timeline Could Help Your Brand Tell Its Story

There have been a lot of grunts and groans about the new Timeline feature on Facebook, but none of those complaints should be coming from businesses.

15 Ways to Increase The Click Through Rate On Your Tweets

Have you been Tweeting your little Twitter tail off and getting nowhere?  Here’s 15 strategies you can try to get the RT love you want.

10 Facebook Promotion Tips You Don’t Know About

Sometimes it’s easy to think you know all there is to know about Facebook.  Spending hours on end posting, commenting and Like-ing can make you feel that way.  This list of smart strategies might surprise you though.


An SEO Campaign Is Like a Marathon

You’ll find a lot of gimmicky offers for quick SEO strategies and instant first-page ranking super software, but the truth is, SEO takes time.  Look at it like a marathon and you just might survive it.

SEO 101: Getting the Right URL Structure

Solid SEO is about much more than just finding the right keywords to target.  Your URL structure might be having a big impact on your results.

Be Careful Using AdWords for Keyword Research

This is a really great read and one that every SEM needs to pay attention to.  While it doesn’t entirely dog on Google, it does open up your eyes to the underexposure of information AdWords may be providing.


The 17 Rs of Mobile Marketing

Wrap your head around these 17 crucial elements of mobile marketing.  In a platform where everything is new and fast-paced, enjoy this simplified version of all the most important parts.

Capture Mobile-Driven Actions For Targeted Ad Results

Mobile interaction creates a whole new way to track consumers.  Use your customers smartphone addictions to get to know them a little better.


Why Haven’t All Major Sports Jumped On The YouTube Bandwagon?

Industries of all sorts have adopted YouTube into their marketing strategy, but professional sports seem to be lagging behind.  What are they waiting for?

Tablet Video Viewing On Fire

You may not have invested much time or money into tablet audiences and video viewers, but it’s going to get really hard to ignore mobile and video when you see these stats.

What Is Social Video Marketing?

Slapping a video up on YouTube doesn’t guarantee an instant flood of visitors to your business.  Taking your video to the social world is where the magic really happens.

Affiliate Marketing

What People Think Affiliate Marketers Do

Just a fun meme about the perception people have about affiliates.  What do the people in your life think you do for a living?

5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make In IM (internet marketing)

Sometimes it’s just as important to know what NOT to do as it is to know what to do.  Make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes with your marketing endeavors.

The Ugly Underbelly of Affiliate Marketing

Check out these examples of an anti-inbound affiliate marketer.  Not everyone will play fair, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.

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