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A Few Facts Regarding Consumers and Twitter

It’s not news to anyone in the online marketing industry that social media networks are a powerful channel for engaging with consumers. Most businesses, advertisers, affiliate networks, and others have utilized social media networks to interact with their audience and track interaction’s responsiveness for a while now.
In the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Spring 2011 Survey, a recent study conducted by marketing analytics company Compete, figures regarding consumer interaction with retailers, products and services on Twitter were analyzed and the results were released this earlier this month.

Here are some of the results of their findings:
• 66% of Twitter users’ purchase decisions are influenced by retailer feeds
• 31% of Twitter users Follow at least 5 retailers or products
• 10% Follow at least 1 retailer
• 58% of Twitter users Follow retailers for sale information

This survey was compiled from the responses of 3,269 online consumers from April 14 to May 5, 2011. Not only did the study examine Twitter trends relating to followers and retailers, the survey also asked questions regarding Facebook Business Pages.
To find out more information about the survey, consult the contact information provided by Compete.

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  1. I totally agree with this! good article!!

  2. Dusty Reposa says:

    I feel Twitter is brilliant personally, I actually constantly bring up to date my tweets as well as scan other folks. I definitely appreciated your write-up and can come back before long.

  3. Steve says:

    I wanted to start my own blog on this topic. Thank you for inspiration.

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