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Affiliate Marketing 2011: These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Things

The affiliate marketing industry is full of some of the best andbrightest minds on the Internet.  We are constantly learning from amazing content and the truly incredible people who produce it every day.

Trying to narrow down some of our favorite resources and events was like having to pick your favorite child.  However, we wanted to take the time out to highlight some of the best of our industry and our company before the year came to a close.  So here are our Top 5 lists from 2011.

Blue Global Media would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success and growth this year.  Happy New Year!

Top 5 Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketers

How To Create An Ask The Expert Affiliate Site with Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins is never afraid to share his inside, expert knowledge about the industry and this free webinar is just a sliver of the constant contributions he makes to affiliate marketing.

26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses

You can never be disappointed when you go to Social Media Examiner and as more affiliates realize the power of social media, this site will only continue to come in handy.  This post demonstrates how statistics are just as impactful as tips.

How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Affiliate Links

Though the posts on Problogger don’t revolve entirely around affiliates, there is a lot of affiliate specific content and plenty of general blogging tips that every affiliate should keep up with.

How to Dominate Your Industry like Drudge

Driving traffic to your site is typically priority number one for affiliates.  Amongst a mountain of other great tips and tools Copyblogger offered this Drudge inspired guide to traffic.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

This is perhaps one of the most impressive, free online marketing guides ever posted on the Internet.  Oli Gardner contributed this to the SEOmoz Blog and stunned readers with the visual and contextual breakdown of every detail new marketers need to know.

Top 5 Infographics

Preferred Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary

In an industry where a lot of different terms are floating around and new phrases get invented every day, we needed a solid vocabulary lesson.

YouTube 6 Years and Growing

As the importance of video continues to rise, YouTube becomes second in command online.  That fact becomes inescapable in this visualization of stats.

Top 25 Influencers In Performance Marketing

It’s always good to know who the top people in the industry are so you can continue to learn from them and grow.  Though most named marketers disagreed with the methods, you get a good idea for the major players.

How Should Affiliate Tracking Links Work?

Tracking links affect every affiliate program out there and this infographic breaks down some crucial information and stats.

Branding and How It Works In the Social Media Age

If this giant, stat-filled infographic doesn’t inspire affiliates to begin branding, nothing will.

Top 5 BGM Happenings

Inc. 500

We were honored (and are still completely stoked) to have been placed on the 2011 Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies. We placed #179 on the list and we are hoping to continue to push boundaries as an affiliate network and Inc. 500 company.

Increasing Our Staff

BGM has been growing in population as well.  What started out as just a few has now turned into a company with dozens of employees.  We’ll continue to expand as we add more bright-minded individuals to the crew in 2012.

Moving On Up

Due to the bigger, better size of our company, BGM had to switch office locations in January and we have been enjoying our Downtown Scottsdale view ever since.

Lunar Putty

Lunar putty is only the world’s greatest space goo provided by and brandished with our fearless leader, Chris Kay.

Blue Global Media Lunar Puddy

Online Marketing Industry Keeps Growing

Aside from the many amazing things that have happened at Blue Global Media this year, we realize that we are lucky to be a part of an industry that is aiming high and showing no signs of slowing.  We are proud to be a part of a group filled with so much talent and overall awesomeness.

Top 5 BGM Blog Posts

We have been striving to follow in the footsteps of our blogging heroes this year and hope to continue growing our site into the most informative resource available for affiliates and other online marketing enthusiasts.

These are the five posts we had the most fun writing this year that can help your business expand in 2012.

New Marketing and the Social Media Takeover

Do Affiliates Need Google+ Brand Pages?

9 Ways Affiliates Can Prepare For Affiliate Summit West 2012

5 Questions Affiliates Should Ask In 2012

SEO Resolutions for the New Year

Enjoy the rest of 2011.  We look forward to 2012 and all that it will bring to the affiliate marketing industry.

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