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Don’t Let Dependency Destroy Your Affiliate Income

With the Internet, and life, the one thing you can depend on is change.  Online veterans have succeeded and suffered at the hands of this principle and it is a reality everyone must accept.

The changes that affect one niche may boost another.  The alterations that cost one company thousands will pour that money into someone else’s pocket.  The Internet is volatile and anyone can fall victim to it.

As the buzz online has indicated, the popular private blog network BuildMyRank, is closing its doors.  Google’s decision to de-index a large quantity of BMR’s sites has left them with little choice.  For many, it may not come as a surprise that Google is putting the kibosh on a business that provides a significant SEO shortcut, but how will this shape your future?

BMR Is Likely Just The Firstpuppet on strings

Many affiliates, SEO’s/SEM’s and niche site builders are sweating this announcement.  BuildMyRank has been a huge player in the game and a relied upon resource for many.  Even people who use a network other than BMR should be concerned, though.  This Twitter interaction between Matt Cutts and Dan Thies indicates that blog networks like these have a target on their backs:

Dan Thies:

@mattcutts kudos on squishing all them blog networks btw – we like to see the spam get nuked

Matt Cutts reply:

@danthies ah, glad you noticed that. Good to see at http://trafficplanet.com/topic/1885-aln-lost-5297-domains-in-1-week/ that it’s on peoples’ radar that they’re on our radar.

So let it be written, so let it be done.  When Cutts makes that kind of a statement, you have to know there’s change brewing in the land of Google.

Whether you’re a casual observer of this shift or someone who’s going to be steamrolled by it, there is a valuable lesson to be learned.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

As BuildMyRank falls, so does a valued weapon in many affiliates’ arsenals.  Undeniably it was a quick and easy way to get some search engine love (Is it a wonder why Google went after it?).  However, if this was your go-to resource for creating niche sites and driving traffic, you’ve landed yourself in a classic conundrum.

You can never put all your eggs in one basket.  Bleak as it may be, it’s true.

If you’re primary traffic comes from search engines you need a broad approach to remain (somewhat) secure.  Fresh content, guest posting, article directories and handfuls of other techniques should create an intricate web of SEO strategy.  If you intend to just find another blog network and lean on that, you’re setting yourself up for a repeat failure.

The danger of dependency does not solely apply to the blog network incident and Google updates.  Affiliates need to be on guard at all times and diversify their monetizing strategies.  It’s natural to rely heavily on a technique when you see it working, but to assume that particular monetizing effort is always going to be around is to put your income at a huge risk.

Using only one affiliate program, one network or one niche can all have the same devastating impact on an affiliate’s earnings.  Learn from the lesson the BMR shut down is teaching and make sure you have backups in place and other sources of revenue to ensure your survival in an ever-changing marketplace.

Will this shutdown impact your SEO strategy?  What tools do you plan on using to make up for the loss?

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