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So You Want to Make Your First Infographic?

Everyone loves a good Infographic. They’re easy to share, fun to read, and even enjoyable to create – not to mention they pack an incredible punch in the marketing department.

Marketers are constantly having to create new and unique content on a regular basis. In fact, the most common challenge that content marketers seem to come across is creating enough variety of content that engages with an audience.

Creating an Appealing and Effective Infographic

Some information is simply better represented through an infographic rather than with text or even a video. For marketers who struggle with new creative ways to reach consumers, an Infographic is the way to go as it provides an alternative way to communicate an idea or message.

Infographics beg viral activity. They are easy to share, informative, visually appealing and fast. A good infographic can be around for a long time as other writers, industry professionals, or consumers come across it, embed it in their own blog posts, and share it across social media networks – increasing exposure for your organization.

Now, just because infographics are really cool and people love them, doesn’t mean you should create one just for the sake of creating one. Start with an idea or trend you find interesting that’s worth reporting to a mass audience.

Compile relevant statistics to drive your point home and back up your infographic by referring to your resources. Use multiple sources and be thorough, the more sources you use the more informative your infographic will be, making it more desirable for viewers to share.

End with a clearly stated call to action. Whether you want the viewer to download something or follow your social media profile, make it easy for them to carry out your call to action.

Don’t Forget to Say “Thanks”

Just like your parents always taught you, always remember to say “Thank you” to those who share or mention your content. If it’s a Retweet, Tweet back. If someone uses your infographic in a blog post, comment on it. It’s all about networking, building relationships and redirecting the focus back on you as a quality content provider.

Infographics from Around the Web

I thoroughly enjoy searching for infographics. Here is a list of some of my most recent personal favorite infographics for you to find some inspiration.

Global Internet Traffic is Expected to Quadruple by the Year 2015

Infographic Designed by: @nick_sigler

Is Pinterest The Next Social Commerce Game Changer?

Infographic by: @Monetate

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content: When You Don’t Have a Clue

Infographic Brought to You by: @copyblogger

Infographic Designed by: Blue Glass

Inbound Marketing Rising: The Dawn of Marketing You Won’t Hate

Infographic Designed by: @voltierdigital

Inbound Marketing Ecosystem

Infographic Created by: @svolinsky

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Infographic by: @KISSmetrics

Google’s Love/Hate Relationship With Affiliates

Infographic Produced by: @seobook

Infographic Designed by: Lumin Interactive

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